Cool Shakespeare Artwork

Wallpapers composed by Nikita Tamson

1_Juliet_-_KristapsB_mini.jpg  Othello_-_Stewart_mini.jpg  As_You_Like_It_mini.jpg

 3_Prospero_-_Kristaps_B_mini.jpg  Romeo__Juliet_-_Nick_Dobrin_mini.jpg  Hamlet_-_Spisharam_mini.jpg 

Othello_-_Seyyed_Mostafa_Zamani_mini.jpg  Richard_-_tibchris_mini.jpg  2_TheTempest_-_Kirstaps_B_mini.jpg

Here you'll find a great selection of Shakespearean imagery married with some text. It's a great way to learn the language and it looks mad wavey; just stick it up as your wallpaper and The Bard's poetry will bring a little magic into your everyday life... plus you'll have some smooth lines to drop when the time is right.

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