Shakespeare in Love, 1998

dir. John Madden





Okay, I admit it – it’s not actually Shakespeare. It’s Tom Stoppard and Marc Norman. And yes, I admit it, this is one film that certainly will not change your life. But hey, it’s pretty funny, you can’t say it isn’t a nice film and the production is FANTASTIC. Definitely for the ladies, but hey, spend enough time with 'em and you have to share the box at least a little bit, right? This makes for a happy compromise.

Despite the first two thirds of this film - in my opinion - being extremely mediocre, the last 45 minutes is actually pretty special. They accelerate into a worthy climax and – even though I am not a pansy – it does indeed deliver a warming of the heart, a stirring of the soul, a welling of the eyes and at the end of the day, that’s a damn fine achievement.

My favourite bit; Colin Firth pins Shakespeare up to the wall at a party and says; “I must leave now. I will slit your throat, anon.” Nice. That word ‘anon’ meaning ‘later on’ should definitely come back into modern dialect. “Sorry babes, I’ll see you anon.”


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