Romeo + Juliet, 1995

dir. Baz Lurhmann



Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo + Juliet is a five star film. That it is not is out of the question. I can quite understand if your opinion is that Leo makes a dry Romeo or Danes makes a placid Juliet but to say that the film is not in that league of extraordinary cinematic experiences that open your mind and cultivate your imagination in irreversible ways, is just plain not true. It is brilliant as far as films in general go. No need to be snobbish about Shakespeare. This is top quality entertainment – this is the kind of film you fall in love with.




If you haven’t seen it already then I can’t possibly explain what you’re missing out on. There are plenty of movies out there ‘which you just have to see’ but this one is different from those others; this should take priority. I think especially for teenagers, teenagers like I was when I saw it, this film is the coolest thing to make it onto the big screen since Pulp Fiction. It is gangster. It is magical. It is romantic. It is spectacular. It is one of only a few works which I can truly say made things possible for this company in the first place. When I started .44 CALIBRE SHAKESPEARE this was how I had to pitch it to people; I told them that we were picking up the torch from where Baz left off.




I could talk about this film till the cows come home but there’s no point in doing that; either you’ve seen it already, you haven’t seen it yet but will now or you’re never gonna bother. It’s a shame if you don’t, because this miracle is well worth the effort and one of those special films you can watch again and again and again and enjoy so much every time. Showing it to people who haven't seen it before is actually just as much fun for you as it is for them. Watching with people who also love it is like going to the footy. Giving it to someone as a present is nutrition for their soul.




In a word; this is one of the coolest movies ever made. Full stop. And it’s the only Shakespearean film made so far that I would say that about. Oh sure, all kinds of people love to sound clever picking it apart but I remember the hype and I remember those same people had stars in their eyes when they came out from Screen 2. What? You wanna say something? Go to the forum and hash it out; there’ll be an army of supporters so make sure you’ve done your homework before you start taking shots at this bad boy.





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