Much Ado About Nothing, 1993

dir. Kenneth Branagh




Denzel Washington does Shakespeare. Need I say any more? He is fantastic! The film is hilarious. It’s witty and completely charming and terribly English and with plenty of big names. It’s got Keanu Reeves (one of the rare opportunities to see him really excel and deliver like he did in The Devil’s Advocate or The Matrix part one but not much else) and Kate Beckinsale. Branagh is great fun too – a far cry from the intense Hamlet or chilling Iago, he’s just having a good old laugh like everyone else. This film is so easy to watch and enjoy. Ladies, you will llluuurrrvvveee it. Lads, well, make sure you’ve got your lady with you when you watch it and she’ll be so loved up by the end of it you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.




My favourite thing about the film has to be all the pranks Denzel plays on Branagh & Emma Thompson (they were in fact married at the time, even though they play bitter rivals, hehehe). I’ve never seen Denzel is such a good mood as he cackles away at the mayhem he orchestrates. Hilarious!




It easily earns four and half stars (not five, because five means it will alter your thoughts forever) as a superb rendition of a choice comedy and if you really think Shakespeare could never make you laugh out loud, I positively guarantee this film will have you in stitches at least twice or else never bother taking my advice about movies again! This is the kind of movie which could bleed chuckles out of even the stiffest bark in the wood. It’s the kind of movie which cheers you up for a week. It’s a heart-warmer, know what I mean? What a great movie!




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