.44 CALIBRE SHAKESPEARE marks the beginning of a new era in the world of Shakespeare. Blasting the muse’s fyah into the 21st century, we define new standards for the modern audience.




The most iconic love story of all time .44 CALIBRE SHAKESPEARE is proud to present this very special edition of Romeo & Juliet, especially designed for the modern audience. Relentless and outrageously direct Bartosik explores Shakespeare’s Verona with an insatiable hunger that is sure to entertain both veteran enthusiast and newcomer alike. No edition has ever been so explicit.

“…you are now approaching the realms of mystic thought where angels and demons battle on the shores of ancient worlds, where the sun and the moon watch down upon us from high in the sky, tugging to shore the inexorable tides of destiny…”

Make no mistake: the annotations of this volume seek to be the very best ever published yet. If you happen to be in a bookshop, you are challenged to compare the notes of any given extract line-for-line with the competing editions before you – not only will this publication prove the most enjoyable, it is also the champion account of ‘specific apparent meanings’, the only option for those with a professional interest let alone a personal one. Every line, phrase and word is addressed.

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