.44 CALIBRE SHAKESPEARE marks the beginning of a new era in the world of Shakespeare. We are blasting Shakespeare into the 21st Century with unique, hard-hitting, radical approaches that can do nothing but recapture the imagination of the public and incense the inferno of the great Muse’s fyah into a mighty blaze.

Three Tragedies by William Shakespeare is such an approach.

Humphrey Bartosik’s astounding book illuminates Shakespeare in ways never expressed before, featuring Ancient Egyptian mystic symbology, the ‘pulp-fiction’-esque imagery that appears throughout and a quirky, frank, straight-forward style of language that really packs one hell of a punch. Relentless and fantastical, it’s sure to please both veteran ethusiast and newcomer alike.

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Forthcoming projects include feature films, art exhibitions, radio shows, documentaries and many other at-this-time-highly-confidential but positively marvellous ‘Shakespeare stunts’ (for lack of a better term). Like Prospero hidden away on his island .44 CALIBRE SHAKESPEARE has been summoning a mighty storm and as the old magus with his books we will mystify and amaze those who are caught within the tempest’s fury.